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National Data Sets

  Site Name and Description Types of data
USGS GEOData site USGS GEOData site

This site has data for the Continental United States. Includes roads, railroads, most airports, lakes & rivers, city boundaries, county boundaries, state boundaries, and sometimes contours. Data in this site tends to be fairly old, dating back to the 70's & 80's. There are no names or labels in the files. You will have to add those. A great place for getting line work to start maps.

United States Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration Federal Highway Administration

The data at this site consists of all Federally funded highways, some city boundaries, and all political boundaries. All the data is in longitude/latitude and is directly incompatable with USGS data sets.


Local Goverment Data Sites

  Site Name and Description Types of data
Seminole County GIS Data source Seminole County, Florida E00 SHP
Volusia County GIS data source Volusia County, Florida E00 SHP DXF
  Lake County, Florida E00 SHP
Martin County GIS data source Martin County, Florida MDB SHP
Florida Geographic Data Library GIS data source Florida Geographic Data Library DLG DRG SHP SDST DOQQ DEM    
Land Boundary Information System GIS data source Land Boundary Information System SHP GEOTIF    

Sources of Free Software

  Site Name and Description Types of data

Download the ArcExplorer viewer and the Import 1.1 at this site. I would say most data from local government is in their formats and their software is top notch. They also have a virtual campus offering some classes in their GIS software; take the class on ARCView to get acquainted with GIS, data sets, and to see how ARCView works.


This site contains all the software needed to use the data obtained from the site above. As far as I know, all the tools are DOS, Windows, or UNIX based. Source code is available so users of Macintosh or Linux or BE could compile their own tools. Most tools convert the data into more usable formats as few software packages support these formats natively or as imports.

Get AutoDesk WHIP AutoDesk

From the makers of AutoCad, AutoCad Map, and 3D Studio MAX comes this ActiveX(tm) control for zooming, panning, and layering in maps and other drawings. A must-have to fully enjoy this site.


Get the latest Acrobat Reader from Adobe


Acrobat is a very effective method of distributing graphics and text documents that must retain their proportions.

GRASS download and info site G.R.A.S.S.

This is software under development for the U.S. government and is free. It is a full GIS software system produced under a Unix-type environment. The source code is available (for free) so you can compile under your own environment. A version has been compiled for use under Mac OSX. It is available at OpenOSX.


I am always looking for sources of Data and GIS software. If you know of some more, drop me a line and I may add it to this list.


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